Edda Sharpe

Edda Sharpe

Film, Theatre and Televsion

An actor communicates through their body and voice; and not just their own thoughts, feelings and motivations but those of writers and characters potentially from anywhere in the world and any moment in history. They must also be responsive to the individual needs of each director and production and be ready to deliver night after night in the theatre, or on demand on the film set. Such flexibility requires long-term training, and from time-to-time you may look for support from a coach such as myself.

Dialect Coaching: with over 15 years experience, working at the highest professional level, there is no accent challenge I cannot meet. Whether you want one-to one private lessons, or need a coach as part of the creative team, I can provide insightful, personalised and effective coaching. Have a look at my clients page to see some of the actors and companies I have worked with and my about page for more information about me.

Vocal Flexibility: creating a character voice does not just involve changing your accent. It can involve all sorts of changes in the foundations (the settings of the muscles, zone, tone and direction) and the groove (tune and rhythm) of the voice. If you've seen Gordon Ramsay or Ant and Dec going 'under-cover', you have seen some of my work, and what is possible, through effective coaching! Have a look at my clients page to see some of the other actors and companies I have worked with, and my about page for more information about me.

Group workshops can be arranged for groups as small as 4 or as large as 40. Please email or call for details.

Communication Training

Leadership is not just in the mind; it is demonstrated through the body and voice. Whether you are leading a team or leading a company, coaching can help you develop the skills to become a truly authentic and charismatic leader, ensuring that people feel safe in your hands and inspired to follow you.

As a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, highly experienced at working at Board Level across a variety of public and private sector industries (see client list for more details), I can provide proven results-driven training in the following areas;

The Physiology of Leadership

Developing Your Authentic Voice

Overcoming Nerves and Developing Confidence

Enhancing Personal Impact and Presence

Working with Group Dynamics

Tools for Structuring Concise, Engaging and Memorable Presentations

Or let me know what your needs are and together we can develop a programme specifically for you.